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Hey there! I'm Kevin.

My blog is a mirror of my journey so far. As a person I love to get nerdy, dive into the weeds of science, and am passionate for sports, nutrition, traveling, and human health (besides too many other things) which mirrors the core topics around here. 


Some of my findings definitely changed my life for the better – these are the things I want to carry to you: 

  • – The Beauty of looking backwards with Ancestral Health methods 
  • – Eating like we did for eons with Animal-Based Diets 
  • – The Ease of Bodyweight Training
  • – Understanding for Scientific Mechanisms


It is sad to see how disconnected we humans nowadays life off our ancestral heritage, off natural health, off what we could be (again). Strong, vital and happy. But is there a way back to Eden?


I certainly do not know the answer, yet I know that approximating the old ways will yield extraordinary benefits, and these are the topics I passionately share with you.


Who is
Kevin Jühlke?

I’m 27 years old and come from Western Germany. You could best describe me as an outlier – always thinking different, chasing freedom, highly analytical, and low on the agreeableness spectrum. In former centuries, I’d surely’ve found my way onto a pyre.

Professionally I studied Radiologic Imaging and worked in the field for 8 years, seeing the wonders of modern medicine, as well as its limitations, and outright shortcomings.
After getting stuck in life and hitting rock bottom mentally, I wanted more of it. I was fed up with shallow partying, fulfilling others dreams and sedating with many drugs. This was 2016. Instead, I dove into the topics I love – calisthenics, science, and animal-based diets.


2 years ago, I picked up licences and started working as a personal trainer, online & in the community. This blog also came to life to connect with like-minded people and get my opinions publicly out there. My hopes are that I can leave this place a little better than I found it through the merit of a few good ideas.


Last year, I moved to Canada for a year and spent a chunk of the time living in nature, out of my van, off everyone. A very insightful experience.

And here we are. Looking into the bright future.

This image shows me doing a straddle handstand on a board in Canmore.


– Certified German Fitness Trainer, Licence ‘A’ & ‘B’
DACH certified Radiographer & Medical Imaging Specialist

What I love doing

Photos, Stories
and Tutorials

This image shows a few weight plates to use in the gym.

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