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Online Coaching

I can help you achieve your goals – from the comforts of your living space, bridging the gap of a few thousand kilometres that might lie between us. If you happen to live in the area of Cologne, we can of course meet up for a personal training session.

You can ‘rent me’ mentally for the prices shown below – I am all yours then.

Strength, Flexibility & SkillS

Coming from a calisthenics background and my personal practice of mobility training and handbalance I gathered a lot of knowledge surrounding these topics – as well in theory and in practice.

If you need help with certain skills, want to get stronger & more functional, or you are fed up being as stiff as a rod, I am your man. You can check out my online programs or for a more personal tailored program consider working with me as a client

Me doing an l-sit on the floor - a splendid core and hip flexor exercise for compression strength.
This image shows a kitchen in an ancestrally consistent household.

Nutritional Wisdom

I approach health through an Ancestral Health lens. And that is where things get complex quick, because it is not as easy to just eat less and trim down. Fortunately, getting things like your daylight viewing behaviour, eating animal-based, thermotherapy, or mold exposure right are powerful. A reward for complexity, if you will.

I can help you evaluate where you are at and create a strategy to move from there to a more evolutionarily consistent way of living and a better quality of life.

That's how it works!

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Let's get in touch without any affiliation. We see where you want to go, if I can help you, what you can expect, and set out the rough course. Please do so for single lessons as well as coaching spots.



If we decided to work together for either a lesson or starting with the Starter Package, I send you an assessment form. My homework then if you will.



Afterwards we set up the first 1h skype call and go through the program together. If it is a single lesson we will meet up of course either in person or online.


Personal Training


per hour

1-on-1 Starter


+ 3 months

Follow Up


+ 2 Months

Frequently asked questions

Firstly, I would love to hear from you, your goals and get to know you a bit. That’s all for free. 

If we decide to work together, we will set up a 1h Skype-Call. After at most 7 days (I mostly program on the weekends), I will reach out to you with the complete program.


We will discuss each exercise and clarify questions within the first 30′ checkup.

After purchasing, I will send you my Form, which you will fill out before our initial Skype-Assessement. Your Homework.


Within the Assessement-Call we’ll closely look at your goal

My goal is to get you one step closer to your goal and part with you in a better shape than beforehand. The same goal also applies to my life. Therefore, my job is it to enhance your life and help you progress. I am your external bad cop/good cop who motivates you, but holds you accountable.


Anyways, I like to focus on your goal and life wholistically. Coaching is much more than writing down 3 sets of 5 reps.

You are free again. No seriously. You can decide to prolong our partnership or practice the acquired knowledge on your own.

You will get my private WhatsApp number and are free to contact me whenever you want with whatever you want. Please just don’t call me at 4am.

Otherwise, I’m always open to answer a quick question or laugh about your best memes.

I offer payment through PayPal, Stripe, direct processes and if you happen to live close by, and we meet up in person I am also able to take cash.

What my Clients say

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team 3
Pierre Grani
Bank Clerk
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team 4
This image shows a few weight plates to use in the gym.

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