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Welcome to this collection of proven helpful products! The goal of it is to hand you an easy overview of manifold different devices for a lot of purposes - covering the entire range of sports gear, to household helpers, ancestral health tools, and supplements. I tried, used, read (or whatever you can do with each) them all or still am. You'll find a detailed description of each, plus my personal experience and recommended usage. Feel free to explore this section as needed, bookmark a few possible helpers that your considering to purchase, or even share the ones that helped you. I hope this collection can help get you in a better place, as many helped me.

As an aside, many links linked with an asterisk are affiliate links, which means that you support the work that I do by buying a product using my link - of course without any additional costs for you. Others even aren't, it is simply an awesome product I find useful for people and wish to spread the word to help someone.

This image shows a few weight plates to use in the gym.

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