This Blog exists now for close to two years and the posts are piling up in number. Looking through them all can be difficult sometimes – but that’s not your problem. That’s mine. Nonetheless, I wanted to sort through this lot and make the best pieces and most helpful pieces of work easily accessible to you – without the hassle of searching through the archives.

On this page, I wanted to share with you the 10 best articles which helped many people and are a good starting point for anyone. All of those are full of information and often the most expansive ones I wrote on a given topic. If you ever wanted to know anything about one of the links down below – this is your chance to dive in head first!


  • What the heck is Calisthenics about? – Read this introductory post to get an overview and compare it to your own idea of it (if you’ve heard of it before)
  • Beginner Program: ‘From Zero – Did you ever wanted to try out Calisthenics, but didn’t really know where to start? Check out this series to get a complete program for free or sign up for the newsletter down below.
  • Programming for Everyone! – This series gives you a brief overview of the things that are of tremendous importance when it comes to writing your own workouts.


Ancestral Health & Animal-Based Nutrition

  • The Animal-Based Diet – By far the most expansive post I’ve ever written! With ~8.000 words it resembles more a small eBook than a post. This post encompasses all the information you need at the very beginning to dive into animal-based diets and understand the ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ truly.
  • 10 Supplements for Active Folks – People who get shit done burn more. It’s simple as that. And if your nutrition lacks some nutrients for whichever reason you should supplement that. But this list covers far more than that! It gives you the exact reason and science behind each of the named supps for you to truly understand why a certain substance might be beneficial for you and most important – if you truly need it.
  • – Learn all you need to know in-depth about the 3 Macronutrients – Fats, Carbohydrates, and Protein. All of those are unique macronutrients and there is much more to each than the pure amount of calories they purvey.
  • Recovery as an Athlete – no I won’t name a blackroll. Those aren’t what recovery is about. It is rather a holistic topic and very much about getting the basics in place. You ask what I mean by that? Learn everything you need to know in this post!

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