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An End – For Now

3 years after creating this blog I decided to move to another project. These 3 years definitively were a big learning journey for me and I feel blessed to have had the ability to write about the things I learned to you. I still recall writing offline on posts while living in my van in Canada, that I then put online and edited in a Tim Horton’s at the fuck of nowhere, but boasting with free high-speed wifi. Good memories! Thanks for your time and appreciation in whatever form, as well as all the other 10.000 monthly readers!

As everybody might guess blogging and creating content takes up a lot of time, this is why I decided to stop creating content to focus on my new project, called Ancestrally Healthy. Besides a daytime job, writing two blogs is just not feasible. As such the content creation stops for now on this site, yet it will persist online and I will keep it updated technically, plus respond to comments and emails, as always.

What is the New Project about?

For you asking yourself, what the new project might be, it will be another blog zooming in on all things Ancestral Health. It is a huge topic that engulfed my focus over the last 3 years and I would love to learn more and write upon in-depth over there. Topics like daylight viewing, clever routines, the impact of environmental toxins on health, animal-based styles of eating, reconnecting to nature, but also movement are areas I will surely cover.

All those forgotten things that few in our ‘quick-fix’-ridden age of pills and vaccinations talk about. We surely could’ve avoided the entire political crisis of the last two years if people would live in accord with their nature, but unfortunately, modern lifestyle cleaves us farther off the natural way of flourishing by default. And this is where I feel my call to intervene, through educating the individual, as this is where I truly believe systems can be changed impactfully, not through the sharp cut of a revolution, but by equipping one mind at a time with the beautiful equipment needed to be healthy. To live as a human in our modern zoos. To create a human-positive zoo if you like.

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  • I am also writing currently a book on this topic in which I try to practicalize all that falls into this category.
  • On top of that, I’m also entertaining the idea of creating a podcast and later on an educational platform with online courses purveying all I know onto a given knowledge in videos.

As you see I got a lot of exciting ideas in the pipeline, and see my future in this area, as it is what calls me right now and I feel I can have a bigger positive impact on my readers’ lives.

I hope you will be a part of it,

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