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You want to publish an article on I am glad to hear that my fellow blogger!

Currently your post will reach ~5.000 readers per month. If you love the topics of calisthenics, bodyweight training, mobility and health as much as I do, I would be glad to host your article on my site.

For additional help and as rough guidelines I wrote down on this page a set of rules you should orient yourself with. These are my guidelines I look after when writing every post – some are necessary while others fall within your decision range.

As I haven’t got that much time editing posts for others, please follow these guidelines or I will have to neglect your post. The better it fits in within this given frame the faster I will be able to publish your great article!


No condition comes without its requirements. These shall help us to manage our quality and avoid unnecessary editing on both sides.

I think it’s only fair to give rough guidelines to ensure we both understand what we are talking about.

Post length – go in-depth

I love to go in-depth on most topics. Writing a lot for my first draft enables me to throw out much stuff and keep the good parts while keeping an appropriate length.

That’s why I would aim for roughly 1.000-1.500 words per post. You can go for more, but in most cases fewer rarely scratch the topic’s surface.

Copyright & Exclusivity

Needless to say that your post shall not infringe with existing copyrights. Therefore, use quotes, footnotes and sources whenever you utilize the mental work done by others.

With writing a post for you ensure that it will only be published here. No one likes Duplicate Content – especially Big-Brother Google.

Respect my existing schedule

As I have planned my content ~3 months in advance, I will try my best to fit yours in as soon possible.

Plus, give me some time with the publishing. I am not Blogging full time and as everyone knows the online world can be a chaotic one. To see it from my site, the work isn’t done with you sending me the post. I have to review it and edit it, plus tie it into my site.

Write me before you write your post

Before you get down to work let’s first get in contact and talk about possible topics that could fit my site and most important your area of expertise:

  • Think of ~3 possible topics that you burn for and deeply know of.
  • Beyond the main headline, a rough list of subheadings, to show in which direction the post will unfold, would be awesome!

Technical Guidelines: SEO & Linking

The Links you use should be helpful to my readers. Think of it – the post you write shall give a solution to a problem, you have a wealth of knowledge on – each link shall guide the reader to further information if he wants to know more about that topic.

Please also link when useful to already existing posts on my site. You can also use posts from your site, too. But do all within a reasonable amount.

Stick to these technical linking guidelines:

  • 1 link per paragraph is plenty
  • Use single-word links, as well as multiple-word links and whole sentence links. What I like to use are ‘further reading & recommended read sections’ – you can check them out here.
  • Each link should have the “target=_blank” attribute set to open in a new window.
  • Link to each source you name

Love your topic & be yourself!

Here comes the most important part. If you are a little rulebreaker like me, reading through all of these guidelines and restrictions might feel a little restriction. But I wrote these to ensure quality, clarity and fairness for both of us.

Nonetheless, what I most importantly want to ensure is that you write about a topic you love – a topic you burn for and got a wealth of knowledge to share about. I truly believe one can experience this drive when reading the words.

That said – choose a topic you shine on or ever wanted to explore before an audience – and if that’s my audience who is chosen to witness that I can only be grateful.

The right format

As I am no editor and suffer badly from the disease of restricted time, like we all do, it will be much easier for us both if we stick to given formats:

  • One file as a Word/Open Office Document
  • One file as a WordPress HTML document

With both of these at hand, we make sure that I can go well through your post and editing won’t take the upper hand.


If possible host the images on your server side and hotlink them, as this will make the process for you easier, as you can use any image you want.

I can also host them for you, but in that case, I need the files from you. The images should below 100-150kb per file and roughly below 800px in width.

I call the shots

I don’t want to turn your article upside down, but if it is necessary it is my decision to choose which parts stay and which have to leave the final orchestra.

My reason for doing so would be mostly for the sake of readability and ease. If I were to change something big, I will tell you. In the end, it’s your masterpiece, not mine.

Plus, one thing I found useful in nearly any case is to get another opinion and to borrow a pair of trusted eyeballs.

I hope this post could help you and set us up for great cooperation. Clear rules are important to be able to play the game. Soccer, where one could, out of the blue, take up the ball and throw it towards the goal, would be weird, too. Soccer needs its restrictions to not be boring as heck.

Anyways, I am looking forward to hear from you,

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