• Important: For Coaching get in contact with me first. Let’s figure out if I can help you and if we can work together. This is for free.Everyone new starts with the Starter Package, afterwards you can choose to prolong our partnership or set the learned knowledge in action on your own.I offer a starter package and 2 different follow-ups, if you desire to continue our partnership. Read my Coaching Page for more information about the Process. You can purchase both right from the beginning, but I would advise you to start with the Starter Package. #Isuckatmarketing #Iamtoohonest


  • Are you looking for personalized guidance and programming?
  • For help with Calisthenics and Flexibility?
  • For someone who holds you accountable to live up to your goals?
  • Or do you want to outsource the troubles of programming?

We can achieve all of that while having fun working together! My job is to give you the tools, hold you accountable and keep the morale high while you trust the process and out in the work. Coaching starts with 3 months and can be renewed afterwards each month anew with different perks of support.

Additional information

1-on-1 Starter

Yes, No

Silver Follow-Up

Yes, No

Gold Follow-Up

Yes, No


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