Laying your Foundation


The complete solution to expand your baselayer of strength, especially prior to future calisthenics skills you plan to acquire. A strong foundation will make everything come easier.

And that’s exactly what ‘Laying your Foundation’ helps you achieve. Teaching you the basic moves of Calisthenics comprehensively, with good technique, and to build serious strength within those movement patterns. Especially when starting out, there are many things coming up and confusion can arise – having a guide and clear outline definitely help. Many movements are complex and depending on your previous experience can be a challenge. Laying your Foundation is designed for beginners starting out with strength training in general, or people transitioning from traditional types of strength training to bodyweight training.

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Strength Training always has its foundational rules, no matter if you’re into Olympic Lifting, traditional machine training, or Calisthenics-like bodyweight training. What strongly differs is the way to get there. While traditional training has weights that provide easy scalability, bodyweight training is a bit more complex in that manner, and first acquiring basic strength movement as a chinup or dip can be a challenge at first. Laying your Foundation helps you with that and provides you with progressions to successfully learn these basic, yet daunting, exercises.
It is for you if, you are:

  • New to Calisthenics and really want to get going?
  • Locked at home, gyms are closed, and want to keep active?
  • Seeing all these wild skills everywhere, and want to do them, too?


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Don’t look any further! Laying your Foundation teaches you the basic movements of Calisthenics over the course of 3 months. You can repeat the program as many times as you want – I even encourage that before proceeding to more dedicated skill work. The goal is to teach you the right technique, advise you how to approach programming, and help you get super strong within the basic bent-arm exercises. You’ll get:

  • 3 months of programming – repeat as often as you wish
  • 20 Full-HD Videos showing the exercises
  • 30 Page manual explaining each exercise in detail
  • 3 Chapters of bonus content, on the squat, workout intensity, and workout equipment
  • Direct support within the Facebook Group

As an aside – if you’re completely new to calisthenics and resistance training, but you want to tip your toe into the waters, try out my free beginners’ program ‘From Zero’ to determine if Calisthenics is what clings with you.


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