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The Starter Bundle combines flexibility with bodyweight strength training. You will get the two synergistic programs, ‘Laying your Foundation‘ & ‘Basic Mobility‘.

Laying your Foundation‘ has the goal of teaching you the basic strength exercises in the Calisthenics realm. ‘Basic Mobility’ on the other hand teaches you the baselines of movement a human being should be able to express to participate in his daily life without the annoying feeling of restriction and stiffness. If you are bodyweight training or transition over from the more traditional strength sports, the Starter Bundle provides you with the knowledge you need to successfully understand the functional positions, and turn this knowledge into practicable experience towards your goals.

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The half part of the Starter Bundle encompasses strength training, Calisthenics-style. That means we will use functional, often complex exercises, preferably performed using your own bodyweight or sometimes weights, to strengthen your ability to push, pull & use your lower limbs. While getting into Calisthenics is more challenging at first, as even the basic exercises such as chinups can be a daunting challenge, the overall effects are very functional and transition over to your daily activities.
With ‘Laying your Foundation‘ you will get:

  • 3 months of programming – repeat as often as you wish
  • 20 Full-HD Videos showing the exercises
  • 30 Page manual explaining each exercise in detail
  • 3 Chapters of bonus content, on the squat, workout intensity, and workout equipment
  • The goals are to learn the Chinup, Pushup, Dip, Squat, Hinge, Row, Leg Raise, and Pullup.


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The second part includes my program called ‘Basic Mobility‘. Its sole purpose is in helping you to reclaim the basic movement capacities a human being should be capable of and reclaim many ancient positions in the progress like a squat, or a solid hang. It does so by educating yourself, providing you with dedicated templates to choose from. But not only that, as training is only one small side of movement as a whole – and in that manner what you do 23 hours a day, is by definition more impactful than the impact you can achieve with 30min of training. That’s why addressing the habit side of things is also a big component, and we can make an impact by chaining small alterations to existing habits.
Basic Mobility‘ Provides you with

  • 3 Months of Programming and 4 different templates
  • Self-Assessment for your current flexibility
  • 4 Full-HD Follow along Routines
  • 37-Page Manual explaining the exercises
  • 3 Chapters of bonus content, explaining different flexibility techniques, how you build habits, and finally, integrate more movement throughout the day


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