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Refund Policy

I wanna ensure that you can trust me, fully. Because – I know by myself that online decisions can sometimes be quite difficult.

My goal with everything I do and especially with every program I create is to bring you forward. To get you stronger, more flexible, better at a specific skill, or just overall healthier.

Therefore I guarantee you results if you are willing to put in the work.

What you should do first:

But also I know that a single approach isn’t tailored optimally to anyone. So if there is any problem, contact me ASAP:

  • Check out the program immediately after purchasing it.
  • Contact me for technical issues or if you’re stuck within the program, too.
    Every exercise is scalable, too. You don’t have to trash yourself completely every session just because the workout says 5×12 reps of exercise X.
  • I guarantee you that we will find a solution or if nothing works you will get your money back if the refund was done within the first 30 days after purchase.

I want you to succeed! So – my goal is that you love every program as much as I do. And sometimes hate them, too. That is simply human.

Cases in that a refund is not possible

While I try my best to help you there are cases in which I can’t grant a refund:

  • You’re broke – hooopa – learn from it. Don’t buy something when your credit card is maxed out.
  • I can’t do exercise X – that’s what a program is for. Get better over time – you got that, mate!
  • I am not getting better – a few weeks is a short phase of time. You will get better, I promise. Rome wasn’t built in one day, too.
  • You’re injured – fortunately, you can use my program for lifetime. So get healthy and come back stronger.

That said – I am always open for dialogue. I believe strongly that this way most issues can be solved successfully for both parties.

I am working with you, not against you. Thanks for reading!

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