Clever Devices for your Household and everyday Life

Modern life takes its toll on Homo Sapiens and made us stray far off our roots, despite all the improvements in comfort. Yet this additional comfort is a paradox, on one side beneficial yet detrimental to our health in excess. Therefore, striving to mitigate possible damage by actively recreating an ancestrally consistent environment is the way to approach this issue. We can easily change our surroundings, like lighting, EMF radiation, or environmental toxins - what we can't work against is our biology and ancestral heritage. The further we stray away from it, the more disease arises. And that's what these household helpers shall aid you avoiding without the need to ditch your condo and living in the African Savannah (again).

You'll find my experiences and the detailed benefits of each device down below, plus links to further reading on each of the topics the gadgets cover.

This image shows a few weight plates to use in the gym.

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